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What are Spice Time Credits?

We’ve developed a system that works on a simple hour-for-hour basis: for every hour you give to your community you earn one Time Credit, which you can then spend on an activity of your choice.

You can give time in ways that match your skills and interests, and spend your Time Credits with our diverse range of fantastic partners across the UK who offer everything from swimming to learning a language.

Why we exist

We develop Time Credit systems that value everyone’s time, no matter who they are. Time Credits open up new opportunities to try new things, meet new people, be healthier and have fun. We work with communities of all kinds, across many sectors. We’re passionate about the power within communities and individuals, and think that we’re better at solving problems when we work together. Our programmes embody exciting partnerships between individuals and the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Where we started

Spice was founded in the Rhondda Valley over six years ago and grew out of the University of Wales hosted Welsh Institute for Community Currencies. In this time we’ve been busy growing and from our first programmes in the valleys we now work across South Wales and several regions in England. We have also branched out from our core community development work adding new specialist programmes in schools, housing, health and care.

Ways you can get involved

Our work is built on two things: great partnerships and extraordinary people. There are many ways to work with us, become a partner or get involved in earning (and spending!) Time Credits in your area.

Become a partner
We work with a range of diverse partners across many sectors. Get in touch if you are interested in using Time Credits to help achieve your objectives or want to become a spend partner and accept Time Credits for the activities you provide.

In your community
Time Credits are open to all kinds of people. If you have skills or interests that you’d like to share, get in touch and start your journey with Time Credits.

Work with us
Working with Spice is hugely rewarding, challenging and fun. We are a diverse team from many walks of life with a shared vision of growing our Time Credit programmes and working with communities to unleash their great ideas and potential.

We hold regular events to showcase Time Credits in London, Cardiff and around the UK. Keep an eye out for any near you.

The stories behind the numbers

At the heart of our work, there are hundreds of thousands of hours: time earned and spent by our extraordinary members across the UK, in networks of organisations and services across many sectors. We are proud to showcase a range of videos, case studies and blogs on how people are earning Time Credits to make their community a better place – and spending them to have fun and achieve lifelong ambitions.

Blogging on what matters

Read our blog to learn more about our work and innovations as they happen around the UK. Our staff and partners will be writing regularly, and we showcase guest writers from our programmes and across our specialist network. If you are interested in blogging on our website, please just get in touch.

Creating Meaningful Change with Services and Communities Across the UK

Community decline and civic disengagement is not confined to old mining towns in the South Wales valleys, it's a national trend. Spice has developed time credits to engage people in the design and delivery of public services and support them to take a more active role in their communities. Whether that's with schools, housing associations or local people working with their community anchor organisation, Time Credits increase active engagement, reduce dependency and build community and individual esteem.

Look Ahead time credits

Time Credits Help Us to do Normal Things...

By the end of 2013, 790 hours were given to services Look Ahead Care and Support and 214 worth of activities were accessed using Time Credits. Spending peer support and accessible partners are keys to its success.

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Care Minister Norman Lamb Visits West Norfolk Time Credits

The Minister for Care and Support heard about the impact West Norfolk Time Credits is having on local lives.

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Time credits in schools

Partnerships Pay off for South Wales Schools

From paying Santa in Time Credits to partnerships with Cardiff City FC, Spice is making a significant impact within schools across South Wales in raising aspirations and achievements in young people.

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Find out more about our corporate spend partners.

Earning Time Credits helps to keep your mind alert, you meet new people and learn new skills. It also stops you from becoming isolated and helps the community to be a safer place.

81% of people are very likely to continue giving their time

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What do Businesses get from Time Credits?

There are all sorts of reasons businesses get involved in Time Credits. But time and again they say it allows them to promote some of their services while contributing to the local community.

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