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We develop Time Credit systems that value everyone’s time, no matter who they are. Time Credits open up new opportunities to try new things, learn, be healthier and have fun. We work with communities of all kinds, across many sectors. We’re passionate about the power within communities, and think that we’re better at solving problems when we work together. Our programmes embody exciting partnerships between individuals and the public, voluntary and private sectors.

Creating meaningful social change through Time Credits

Our growth to date has been underpinned by a simple and understandable core concept and a vision of creating connected and resilient communities. Our work is led by a passionate and dedicated board and staff team and is supported by a core group of funders, champions and allies.

Spice’s founders Becky Booth and Tris Dyson set out to adapt the model to include the public and corporate sectors, designing new ways to enable the programmes to grow in scale by creating local currencies that could connect into a national network. It is a simple concept: for each hour that an individual gives to their community or service, they earn a Time Credit. These credits can then be spent on an hour’s activity, help from another individual, or gifted to others.

Where we began

Our work was founded on the concept of Time Banking: a time-based currency system theorised and popularised by human rights lawyer Edgar Cahn in 1986. In 2003, an Institute was established within the University of Wales, Newport to explore the use of community currencies to support social regeneration in the South Wales Valleys. The Wales Institute for Community Currencies (WICC) began to develop time-based currencies that could be used as a tool within the community sector. When the WICC project finished at the end of 2008, Spice was established to further develop the Time Credits concept.

Some of our partners

Our People

Since 2009, we’ve grown from two co-founders delivering a handful of Time Credit consultancy projects to a team of 32 staff and an inspiring Board of Trustees supporting 27 time-based currencies in six regions of the UK. Our team is a passionate, fun and hardworking group of people from many backgrounds and walks of life. Get in touch!

Our People

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Read our blog to learn more about our work and innovations as they happen around the UK. Our staff and partners will be writing regularly, and we showcase guest writers from our programmes and across our specialist network. If you are interested in blogging on our website, please just get in touch.

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