Case Studies

We think one of the best ways to share our work is through the stories and voices of the people and organisations we work with. Here is a selection of case studies from all areas of our work. They demonstrate how effective Time Credits are – and how, when we work together, people are the real changemakers.

Connor, Reach Up and Go: volunteering supports a whole family

Connor earns Time Credits as a volunteer for Reach up and Go (RUAG) activities run by Chorley Council. The sessions are specifically for young people with a disability, like Connor who has Cerebral Palsy.

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Chorley 'Big Plant' brings neighbours together

The 'Big Plant' brought neighbours in Chorley together to improve their local environment with planting and offered an opportunity to get to know one another better.

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Create Me Happy

Creating Happiness in Carmarthenshire

Create Me Happy opened its doors in Summer 2014, after years of loneliness, depression and isolation, Create Me Happy’s founders Jane and Rob Gwynn had found the confidence and support to launch their very own community group. Recognising the impact parental depression has on children, Create Me Happy provides opportunities for families to come together in a safe and friendly atmosphere, with people that understand the challenges of depression and tackling the stigma of mental health.

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The Rise Trust

The RISE Centre: In Parents We Trust

The Children Centre's managers have noticed the positive difference Time Credits have made to the way they can engage with parents, recognising and encouraging contributions to the running of the Centre. This is also leading to benefits for parents, from going on to further qualifications or improving their health and fitness.

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Chorley Council: Tackling Social Isolation Among Older People

In just two years, Chorley saw 900 people give 16,000 hours of time through local providers and community groups. Its Time Credits project, strongly focused on older people, was shaped by Chorley Council, Lancashire County Council and Spice.

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Gareth Chorley FM

Gareth: From the Radio to the Gym!

Chorley FM DJ Gareth trains new volunteers to present their own shows. He's spending his Time Credits to get healthy at the local gym.

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Lis Duffy, Taf Myrddin Housing

Lis Duffy: Lunch Days to Film Nights

The Yr Aelwyd resident hosts swathes of fetes, Big Lunches and film nights to encourage community living and get others involved in the Time Credits scheme.

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Cotswold Supported Housing

Cotswold Supported Housing: Life Skills to Support Homeless People

Time Credits are helping residents in temporary Chorley accommodations gain communication and problem solving skills as well as positively impacting their confidence and aspirations.

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Bury St Edmunds Community Foundation School

St Edmund’s Community Foundation School: Crediting Parents with Respect

Parents affiliated with St Edmund's have raised over £10,000 for the school. Not only that, they give a sense of belonging to a group 'sometimes given a raw deal'.

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Alice Jordan

Alice Jordan: A Stitch in Time Credits

Teaching basic sewing skills for just two hours a time earned parent Alice Jordan the Time Credits to take her kids to theatre, swimming and even the Corn Exchange for free.

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