We are very proud to share our 2017 impact report: BUILDING COMMUNITIES TOGETHER.

This report celebrates the achievements of the wonderful volunteers, partners and community groups, that have all participated in helping to build their local community through Time Credits. We also share our latest milestone: 35,000 people have now earned Time Credits across our programmes in England and Wales.

Building Communities Together highlights some of the standout results from our 2017 evaluation survey, including the positive impact of Time Credits on skills development, health and well-being, and community involvement.

We work with independent evaluators to measure the impact of our programmes annually, and this year our evaluation survey was completed by over 1200 people. 

A year in review


A year in review

KickerThis is a kicker.

Welcome to our review of the year!

Welcome to our review of the year. I use the word our deliberately, as this report really is a celebration of all the partnerships that help make Time Credits a success.

This year has been an exciting period of growth and learning for everyone involved in Spice Time Credits, with many new programmes launched and partners brought on board. We have been excited to see that our 2017 evaluation results represent the experiences of not only those individuals that are new to giving their time to the community, but also a significant number of individuals that have been volunteering their time to earn Time Credits for four years or more. This chimes with one of our core values that building strong communities needs to be sustained through the regular involvement and interest of the many, rather than the few. _Spice CEO, Ian Merrill_




You never know what is around the corner, or where something is going to lead.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to help out at a community event: I applied glitter tattoos for an afternoon and earned my first three Time Credits. In the beginning I didnt even know what these little slips of paper were, but just getting some recognition for my time was a great feeling. Spending Time Credits in and around Cardiff gave my son and me the freedom to have a life outside of the house. As a single mum, I didnt have much cash for fun stuff. In just over two years, I have earned approximately 2000 Time Credits. I began to volunteer with more and more organisations. Whether its helping out at a Year 6 rugby tournament, or shovelling 13 tonnes of manure at the community allotment, you name it and Ive probably done it. My confidence rocketed and thanks to all my volunteering, I got a job working for a local charity as a Family Support Worker and Volunteer Coordinator. In 2016 I was named Community Development Worker of the Year by the Local Heroes Award. I continue to earn Time Credits.


Your time to #takeabow

**Our communities come to life through the actions of passionate individuals and organisations working together.**

Its your time to #takeabow

In particular, we want to celebrate our thousands of volunteer members and partners whose commitment to building communities is improving lives and places across the UK. If you are not already involved, we welcome you to join the Time Credits movement! \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\- **>** SHARE your #takeabow photo on [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/timecredits) or [Twitter](https://twitter.com/justaddspice) **>** COME to an upcoming [event](http://www.justaddspice.org/blog/upcoming\-events\-come\-meet\-spice\-team\-partners) **>** LEARN more about [our work](http://www.justaddspice.org/our\-work/scale\-impact) \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-

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