Our Work in Housing

Our housing programmes work with housing associations and local authorities to increase and sustain tenant involvement, tackle disadvantage and develop stronger, more connected neighbourhoods.

Some of our housing partners

Engaging Tenants & Residents: Our work in the Housing Sector

We work across a range of housing settings, including general needs housing and supported housing. Time Credits enable housing organisations to work with tenants on developing better financial resilience, digital inclusion, skills & employment. Our programmes also support Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) who are working to develop estates and services that are managed more co-productively, with tenants shaping and contributing to services & assets such as communal space.

Natural Fit Between Time Credits and Housing Providers

Exploring how Time Credits can help bring tenants into the centre of governance and service design and delivery. Two-way conversations now happening across Housing Partnerships showing huge benefits both for the host organisation and for the individual members.

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Lis Duffy, Taf Myrddin Housing

Lis Duffy: Lunch Days to Film Nights

The Yr Aelwyd resident hosts swathes of fetes, Big Lunches and film nights to encourage community living and get others involved in the Time Credits scheme.

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Health and housing

Health and Housing – a Shared Story

There has always been a direct link between housing and health but with poor housing affecting the health purse by up to 1.5 billion per annum, it seems now is the time to really address this link.

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Cotswold Supported Housing

Cotswold Supported Housing: Life Skills to Support Homeless People

Time Credits are helping residents in temporary Chorley accommodations gain communication and problem solving skills as well as positively impacting their confidence and aspirations.

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