Progressive housing associations are using time credits and reporting significant improvements in tenant participation and community cohesion

United Welsh

Spice worked with United Welsh to develop time credits within Oak House a homeless hostel, where residents contribute towards the running of activities within the hostel for time credits. Many of the residents choose to use their credits to access Boulders a wonderful indoor climbing centre, just around the corner.

This is a new initiative to support residents get more involved in the hostel and the wider community. It is the first of the time banks to be set up at United Welsh

The hostel has 20 residents who are at risk of homelessness. All residents are either fleeing domestic violence or have a history of alcohol and/or drug addictions.

Residents now have the opportunity to give their time by being actively involved in resident meetings, helping to run the fruit and veg co-op, buddying, small community projects and helping to run events in the hostel. Each hour that they give to the hostel they access one credit.

Credits are used to access hostel events eg. BBQ's, trips or access activities provide by partner organisations  local authority leisure services, climbing centre, training courses. The project enables residents to feel valued for the time they give to the design and delivery of services. 

United Welsh have now rolled this out to include all areas of tenant participation across the organisation and to support far greater community participation and cohesion on estates where it has a proportion of the housing stock.

Taff Housing Association

Spice worked with Taff Housing Association to develop a comprehensive model for tenant participation. Taff started using time credits with its two hostels for young women. The time credit system is used to provide opportunities for the young ladies to become more active in the hostel and to challenge the dependency culture that can quickly develop.

The young women earn one time credit for each hour that they give to the hostel (eg watering the flowers, organising events, shopping for the hostel). Participants can use their credits to access Cardiff Blues games, Chapter - a local art centre and events organised by the hostel.

Taff is developing agency time credits for all of their tenant participation including community development programmes, core tenant participation (eg interview panels, board meetings, sub-groups) and their training programme.

Rhondda Housing Association has developed their time banking programme to cover all aspects of tenant participation. The new project enables RHA to issue Spice Time Credits for all tenant participation. Individuals who earn STCs are able to use them to access personal development training, trips, social events and activities on an hour-for-hour basis (eg if a trip last 5 hours participants would use 5 STCs to access the trip)

Salvation Army Homeless Hostels

Spice has worked with the Salvation Army in Cardiff to developed new hostel time banking projects to encourage residents to participate in the hostels. Residents are given opportunities to participate in governance activities, hostel projects and training. Residents earn Time Credits and are able to use them to access the local leisure services, hostel run trips and activities.

Cynon Taff Housing Association

Cynon Taff Housing Association has been using agency time credits to support local community development. A time credit facilitator is employed by the housing association to developing time credit initiatives in local community groups, schools, community first programmes and youth clubs. These time banking initiatives are part of the broad remit of the housing association to see the areas where their properties are located develop into thriving, active and strong communities.